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Weekly 2/2017

November 12, 2017

✌️ What happened last week?

Last week we took part in Kumpulan Potentiaali, which was a great experience! Big thanks to all the organizers and people who participated in our workshop and came to the recruitment speed-dating!

Hack Report: Kuohu Creative Hackathon

Can you combine design thinking and business model development in a hackathon? Was Kuohu this year’s best hackathon? Find out on this Hack Report!


⌨️ Newest dev stuff

Styling input fields

Take a look at this tutorial on making input fields similar in style to the cool effect you can find on TripAdvisor


Coding analogies

In what way is having a navigator next to you when you’re driving similar to doing pair-programming? This article has some interesting analogies explaining concepts of coding.


🖌 Our favorite bits about design

Chatbots doing personal training?

Here’s an interesting and detailed look at designing a chatbot personal trainer. A must-read for everyone tackling chatbot design.


Apple OS concept

Surprisingly functional and elegant redesign of the Apple user interfaces.

👻 Something completely else

Swedes in Paradise Papers

Take look at this awesome interactive infographic about the Swedes in Paradise Papers. Super inspiring on how data should be visualized.


The Build Order Every Startup Should Follow To Become Successful

Excellent article on basics of startup build order.


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