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Weekly 8/2017

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Harry New Year!

⌨️ Newest dev stuff

Example of creative responsive design

Resize your browser window so see how page changes. Developers and designers, take notes. THIS is how you design a responsive website.


Fitting Flappy Bird’s code in a tweet?

280 char limit allows for some pretty creative coding. Here’s great example of that by Jon Kantner.


Animating with Swift Playground

Here’s a good little tutorial how to code animations in Swift Playground that leaves you with some concrete examples to speed up your mobile development process.


🖌 Our favorite bits about design

Understand your camera

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? Confused about terms such as aperture and shutter speed? How about you spend a minute playing with this really designed website to understand how your camera works.


Designing for blockhain

Interested about the possibilities of blockchain but not really sure what that means for you because you’re designer? Here’s a great read on what blockchain means for UX designers and other creatives.


Best design projects at Google

No weekly is complete without a list of. Here’s Google’s most noteworthy design project of this year.


👊 Upcoming hackathons

Kohdataan Hackathon 13.-14.01.2018

Now this hackathon is all about solving some real problems! How to be more inclusive, accessible, and bring together people? Come innovate solutions to tackle these problems. Hackathon is in finnish.


Milk Farm Methane Hack 07.-09.02.2018

Ultrahack’s organizing a rather unconventional hackathon this time. When was the last time you innovated methods for controlling cow farts? Best part: all accepted teams get 1500€ just for participating.


Royal Hackaway 13.-14.01.2018

Ready to hack a little in London? Perttu from Perfektio is taking part in this cool little hackathon, so hit him up if you’re interested in going too!


👻 Something completely else

Don’t be afraid to ask

Be brave and ask for things. That’s what this article is about. Super simple stuff, but you should still read it. Trust me stupid.

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