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Weekly 1/2018

January 03, 2018

Case studies in progressive web apps, effective remote working, depression from phones, and hacking flatulence 💨

In this week’s weekly we have some great content! Catch up on most important development links, design inspiration, hottest hackathons, and most useful events in Helsinki area.

⌨️ Newest dev stuff

  1. [Turning Tinder into a progressive web app](
  2. [How to be an effective remote developer](

Progressive web apps are the shit, at least if you believe Google. Tinder also made swiped right on PWAs recently and there’s now a great case study on how this was actually done.

🖌 Our favorite bits about design

  1. Dark theme for Sketch
  2. Faster design systems easily
  3. Not all design projects go that well

For this week’s design links we picked the three most beneficial for all designers. Tired of looking at Sketch silver UI, which makes it look like you’re doing all your design work in Pages? Download the Dark Theme. Learn to build better design systems faster with Ether. Getting frustrated how Medium makes it look like all design projects are like magic? Ehsan Noursalehi has some well-weighted words for you.

🔥 Hottest hackathons

  1. Kohdataan-hackk

Do you want to solve the problems of inclusion in social media services? [Kohdataan-hack]( is looking to talented people to create the next generation of accessible social media services to combat problems such as loneliness. Applications close this Friday!

❄️ Coolest events

  1. [Solita Dev Meetup Helsinki]( 18.01.
  2. [HelsinkiJS January 2018]( 18.01.
  3. [React Helsinki]( 25.01.
  4. [AWS Dev Da]( 25.01.

Developer heavy events this month. It will be hard to pick which events to go, because all seem really interesting. Oh, and catch us in these events and come have a chat!

👻 Something completely else

  1. [Have smartphones destroyed a generation?](
  2. [Stop reading self-help books](

[Have smartphones destroyed a generation?](

This weeks Completely else is about understanding how smartphones are paving the way to suicide and depression in teenagers. As a developer, designer, or a business creature you should read this and stop to think: are you actually creating something malicious?

[Stop reading self-help books](

Everyone knows that feeling of empowerment that self-help books generate. But building a better life for yourself isn’t just about making minor changes to your habits. Instead you should be more holistic and understand the highs and lows of life. This is where reading biographies comes into picture.

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