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Weekly 10/2018

March 06, 2018

Our weekly collection design and development resources for hackers is once again filled with some must reads and good-to-knows.

💻 Treats for developers

Stunning hover effects with CSS variables

Check out this super cool gradient effect on button hover! Quite easily implementable thanks to CSS variables.

Animation in the League of Legends client

Great thoughts about how engineers of League of Legends created animations to the client.

Fix your CSS font fallbacks

CSS Tricks shows how Font Style Matcher can help you make your font fallbacks even better!

The SVG that always shows the current date

Well, the title pretty much says everything.

Decentralized alternative to G-suite and Microsoft Office

Now this is pretty cool use case for decentralized Blockstack technology.

🍬 Candy for designers

Need some inspiration for your designs? Check out the hottest trends for 2018!

30 Handpicked Excellent Dashboards

Designing a dashboard? Here’s the 30 most beautiful ones as picked by Muzli.

Day 61 — iBlocks — iOS Wireframe Kit — Sketch Freebie

Just another iOS wireframe kit, but a rather elegant one as well.

Hack Report: Energy Efficiency Hackathon

Read about this one rather peculiar hackathon in Berlin. It has everything from 3D printed fishes to quick and dirty user testing.

❤️ Hackathons and Something Else

How we launched our first MVP in one month

Interesting read on failing to launch when projects are developed while working full time and tips on how to launch successfully.

I have forgotten how to read

Can we go back to the pre-internet frame of mind by reading books? Have you forgotten how to read?

What I Learned In My 20’s: The Advice That Will Give You Massive Success.

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