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Weekly 15/2018

April 10, 2018


New Features in React 16.3
Say goodbye to componentWillReceiveProps and hello to Context API.

Building Server Side Rendered App With Unistore And Preact
I recently came across a problem with Facebook’s OG-tags, that was impossible to solve without moving to server side rendering. That lead us to this awesome article.

React Lifecycle Methods diagram
You might be familiar with this tweet by Dan Abramov. Here’s a interactive version of the same diagram.

Top JavaScript VSCode Extensions for Faster Development 🔥
VSCode is almost de facto standard for React development. Here’s the top extensions for it.

Why React needed yet another animation library. Introducing: react-spring New animation library for React, looks rather promising.

React Native

How to Add Touch ID to Your React Native App
Easy to follow tutorial on how add Touch ID to your React Native app. You should be able to use this for Face ID as well.

5 React Native Open Source Projects To Learn From
A slightly older article but still rather relevant for learning.

Filtering Images with Expo
Using ‘expo-pixi’, you can easily build image filtering features, similar to those of Instagram, to your React Native app.

Animated Transition in React Native!
You can check the animation here:

React Native YouTube Replica
Thorough guide on creating youtube replica.

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