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Weekly 16/2018

April 16, 2018


Speaking of web layouts. Introducing the Magic Hat technique 🎩✨
Now here’’s something really cool and novel! By Albino Tonnina

How to use React’s new Context API to easily manage modals
Great tutorial on how to use the new Context API to easier modal management by Bogdan Soare.

Creating Multiple React or React Native Components in One Command
Shortcuts for creating multiple components by Snær Seljan Þóroddsson.

How to Use React Context to Build a Multilingual Website Pt.1
If you’re familiar with React Context this is great starting point for using for localization, by Alex Devero.

Google Maps with React
How to use Google Maps with React easily by Morganne Gagne.

React Native

Ever wonder why React Native doesn’t have a component for radio buttons?
iOS favors dropdowns over radio buttons. However here’s quick tutorial on how to use radiobuttons in React Native by Thakur Ballary.

React Native On The Big Screen

How I’ve created Universe in less than a week
How to create a universe in React VR by Adam Trzciński

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