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Weekly 2/2018

January 08, 2018

(I hope no one has noticed that we’re running out of placeholder photos….)

We’re playing around with naming these weeklies to “Best links for hackers”, because there’s relatively little on what we are doing this week or the next sometimes. Also most of the content is links to great things about design and development, that is especially useful for hackathon hackers. Let us know what you think about this :)

⌨️ Newest and best dev stuff

Top JavaScript libraries to learn in 2018
Craving to learn some new JS libraries ()? Eric Elliott has put up a great list on libraries you should starting learning this year. Strong focus on functional libraries and React.

Front-end Performance Checklist
Number two on the list is an updated look on the key factors in front-end performance and super useful for everyone currently struggling with slow pages

lit (world’s smallest responsive css framework)
You should definitely take a look at lit, damn this is one small css library!

🖌 Useful and cool design thingies

Anima App (Timelines for Sketch)

Animating with timelines in Sketch is here with Anima App! Still in pre-order phase, but we hope to see this app out soon.

Rapid prototyping (Fake it till you make it)

Working lean and iterating — we have all familiar with the words, but what do they mean? And how do you actually do it in practice? Rapid development summed up as the PRˆ2I process in link number two.

Because January is the month of listicles, here’s a listicle on 19 web design trends for 2018. Good source for some inspiration if you’re short on that :)

❄️ Coolest events

#Digirockstars Lean startup workhop (Multiple dates)

Women in Tech at GE healthcare (25.01.)

Women in Tech is organizing a breakfast with GE healthcare with the subject “Why does AI play a significant role in healthcare?” Interested? The event is held in GE’s Health Villa.

👻 Something completely else

[The Last Jedi’s snark problem](

Interesting read on the abundance of sarcasm in the new Star Wars movie. Beware, there’s a lot of spoilers ahead!

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