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Weekly 4/2018

January 22, 2018

Elon Musk’s productivity tricks, using css to spy on users, making designers great again, and new office!

Weekly is back! This time we got some great articles on design, development, and something completely else. Additionally we have something to tell you on what we’ve been up to in the previous weeks.

🤠 What’s up Perfektio?

Lots of things have happened since last weekly. First, we’ve moved into our new office space which is five times bigger than the last one. Here’s a pretty bad picture of it:

You get the idea

Besides that, we also recruited Jussi Maristo a little time ago. Jussi joined us as a developer, and is currently developing React native applications in two of our projects. We’re also looking into hiring more people in the coming weeks, more info about that later.

⌨️ Newest and best dev stuff

Freebie for all the open source developers out there

Do you have a great little open source project that people love using, but your repository’s readme is boring? How about you give your project a little love in the form a good landing page!

Crooked stylesheets

What if I told you that you can track user’s behavior on your site with just CSS and without using any JavaScript? You might think I’m pulling your leg, but this repository begs to differ.

Creating a Vue.js checkout form

Css-tricks has a great tutorial on creating Vue.js checkout form. If you’ve meaning to try your hands at this React competitor, this is a great point to start.

Running code from a piece of paper

Here’s one really cool project which uses a machine vision and whatnot to make it possible to write and execute code that is written on a piece of paper.

🖌 Useful and cool design thingies

Laws of UX

Heard about Fitt’s law? How about the law of proximity? These are all basic rules and guides in user interface design so to brush up on them you should check this link. PS. pay no attention to the Miller’s law, it has been shown many times to be complete bogus.

Introduction to color theory

No weekly is complete without a little color theory. What makes this so good? Well despite being an introduction, it’s actually a really comprehensive look at how to pick colors for your project. [Link here](

Design principles for accessible experiences

Despite the title, this article is actually more about usability and user experience design than about accessibility. Major takeaway of this article for you should be the concept of affordances. Once you know about affordances, you start to notice them everywhere!

Designing a winning hackathon concept

One our own articles made it to the list this week also. We are probably the most qualified people to talk about service design in hackathons. That’s why be put up this short guide to help you in changing your hacker mindset to that of a service designer.

Subverted design

Designers used to be the super heroes who would stand up for the rights of the users. But things have changed — we are no longer the brightest beacon of hope. But we can start changing things back to the way they were. Read more about here.

👻 Something completely else

Are you a lazy entitled millennial?

Millennials are lazy, or that’s at least what the generations before them want to say. But is this actually true? Find out.

Elon Musk’s productivity tricks

How does the real life Tony Stark start his work day? Read this article and sooner or later you too could be building electrical cars and making a Mars-ready spacerockets.

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