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Weekly 5/2018

January 30, 2018

This week: new hackathons, Hack Reports, cool animations, web security, and tips for finding a co-founder.

Weekly is back! This time we got some great articles on design, development, and something completely else. Additionally we have something to tell you on what we’ve been up to in the previous weeks and some new hackathons for you to attend.

🧐 What’s up Perfektio?

Last week we published two new Hack Reports. That’s pretty much all we did. Ok, Perttu also took part in Nordea’s Hackathon, so there’s a Hack Report about that coming out soon.

Hack Report: Royal Hackaway

Perttu’s trip to the first student hackathon of Royal Holloway, in London was full of events. Read this Hack Report if you’re interested in hearing how hackathon differ in the UK, why Perttu’s team mates though he was shitty coder, and how things got bloody!

Hack Report: Kohdataan-hack

Does competing in over 100 hackathons make you suitable for being a mentor in hackathon? We like to think so. If you’re interested in hearing is this is actually true, you should read our Hack Report on Kohdataan-hack.


Hex 2018 16.-18.3. (Eindhoven)

This March 300 hackers are going to 🐝 the future in 32 hours in Hex hackathon, Eindhoven Netherlands. Interested in subjects such as e-commerce, VR, robotics, and smart cities? Then you don’t want to miss this hackathon!

AUHack 13.-15.4. (Aarhus)

Denmarks largest student hackathon is coming up again. 36 hours of prototyping and concept development in the lovely city of Aarhus and the chance to learn and win awesome prizes. Do I need to say more?

⌨️ Dev dev developer

Today I launched my first mobile app. Here’s what I Learned

Harshita Arora is a 16 year old programmer and entepreneur, who just released her first mobile app, the Crypto Price Tracker. Here’s her insighs on developing that mobile app.

Gradient Topography Animation

Codrops’ latest tutorial is an organic SVG shape layer animation based on Diana Hlevnjak’s work “Gradient Topography”. This is really cool (also kinda trippy) and can really spice up your site.

Using CSS Clip Path to Create Interactive Effects

Css-tricks has an article out on how to create a really cool looking cut-out effect with clip-paths and a image of your choice.

CSS Gridish

Tool from IBM helps teams to adopt CSS grid sooner. This is really good tool if you’re going to be developing some complex layouts.


Free class for web security. Doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer with an interest in bug bounties ora seasoned security professional, Hacker101 has something to teach you.

🖌 Snacks for designers

iOS 11 UI Kit for iPhone X

Design+Code’s new UI kit is definitely something you should get if you’re doing any development for iOS.

The King vs. Pawn Game of UI Design

Erik Kennedy writes on how improving your UI design skills by understanding the concepts of a good chess board.

Freebie: Streamline UX

This freebie is for everyone who wants to use lively illustrations to convey their message better on their website or mobile app. Freebie has 50 illustrations and the full pack (99$ at the moment) has over 3,000!

How I got hired by Github

Joel Califa writes about Github’s homework assignment for designers. Read how making pull requests better got him a job at Github

👻 None of the above

The quickest way to kill your dreams is to do it all

Blake Powell’s thoughts on the futility of trying to be everywhere at once, and how it’s actually better to just focus all your power in the one thing that is the most important to you.

How to speak to geeks like me — a lesson in finding a co-founder

Andrew Askins writes about how co-founding a company is like getting married. If you’re rushing it, bad things will happen. Super good read for everyone.

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