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Weekly 7/2018

February 12, 2018

This week: world’s worst CEO, Airbnb for dinner, and nice corners you got there.

Our weekly collection design and development resources for hackathon hackers is once again filled with some must reads and good-to-knows.

💻 Treats for developers

Fallbacks for Videos-as-Images

Css-tricks’ Chris Coyier has a great little tip about using element to do a fallback when using video as a source of .

Web-Powered Augmented Reality: a Hands-On Tutorial

Interested in learning web-powered augmented reality, but don’t know where to start? Uri Shaked has written one of the best articles out there about this very subject.


Love Scala? There’s a new framework, Udash, that helps you build “beautiful and maintainable” web applications with Scala. Take look!

Sandboxed Mac apps can record your screen at any time without you knowing

There is a huge security risk in sandboxed Mac apps. Read more on Felix Krause’s blog.

🍬 Candy for designers

Airbnb for dinner

Case study by Johny vino on designing a Airbnb for dinner that provides “An authentic home food for tourist which provides a cultural touch for tourist”.

Design For The iPhone X Like A Boss

Crash course on how to design for iPhone X by Azhar Anwar. Great article on the specific design aspects of iPhone X.

Supporting Human Cognition with Better Design

Monsoonfish has written great article on taking human cognition (memory, language, etc.) into account when designing.

iPhone X corners

How cool are the iPhone X corners! 😍 I mean really!

❤️ Something Else

Story of the world’s worst CEO

Harri Kiljander has written a massive (reading time 380 according to Medium) analysis on Stephen Elop’s shortcomings when running Nokia. A definite read!

Junction is taking steps to become a global community

Junction, the hackathon organizer, is taking steps to become a global community. What does this mean in practice?

Slack is the opposite of organizational memory

Is Slack bad for your organization? Abe Winter argues that it actually destroys teams’ ability think, plan and get complex out of the door.

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