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Weekly 8/2018

February 19, 2018

This week: Statistics for hackers, 3D engine made with MS Excel, designing a viral meme, and Chamillionaire’s amazing pitch.

weekly collection design and development resources for hackathon hackers is once again filled with some must reads and good-to-knows.

💻 Treats for developers

Statistics for Hackers

Jake Vanderplas wonderful presentation about statistics for people who love to solve problems with code.

JMESPath, a query language for JSON

Check out this query language for JSON and the really well constructed tutorial as well!

Truly native apps using Vue.js and NativeScript

Want to release that app you’ve been dreaming about without the hassle of learning new languages? NativeScript-Vue is the right choice for you! The syntax is familiar if you’ve used Vue.js before.

3D engine entirely made of MS Excel formulae

3D engine using only excel formula with functionalities such as real time ray tracer rendering and basic illumination rendering. Now this is some cool stuff!

3D FPS engine with HTML5 and CSS3

If the excel 3D engine above didn’t blow your socks off, this will!

Stealing Data With CSS: Attack and Defense

Another article about the capabilities of CSS as a way of stealing information. In this blog post you will learn about a method dubbed CSS Exfil and how that can be used to steal targeted data.

Stories from 300 developers who got their first tech job in their 30s, 40s, and 50s

Can you become professional software developer after 30? Even though there seems to be a lot of ageism in Silicon valley, you’re actually never too old to start coding. This article shows you concrete proof of that.

🍬 Candy for designers

Design should be for people, not for designers

Designer must dispel these misconceptions that to become human-centric and to find meaning in their work Ilya Sidorenko

Dear Apple, please fix notifications

Apple, your notifications suck from a user experience perspective. Here’s how.

Designing a font from scratch — and submitting it to Google Fonts in 24 hours

A highly detailed article on how to design a font from scratch and submit it to Google Fonts.

How to design a viral meme

Really interesting UX case study about how to design a viral meme. Everyone should definitely read this even though it sounds a bit weird.

❤️ Hackathons and Something Else

Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app

You probably know Chamillionaire from the song “Ridin’, but did you know he is also startup investor and a founder? Here’s a really cool “pitch” (takes 20 minutes) that is useful for everyone.

True AR Challenge

WayRay is organizing a “True AR” challenge. Read more about this interesting challenge from the link above

UTILITY WEEK LIVE HACK, May 22–23 2018, NEC Birmingham

Now here’s a unique opportunity to design and build prototypes to answer challenges around electricity and water industries vulnerable and priority customers. Best part? If selected to take part you’ll be paid £600 for your time.

How to Write Compelling Articles That Get Read and Shared

Having problems reaching you audience? Maybe this article can help you? :)

We just raised $7.25 million for Unsplash to build a new economy around photography

Unsplashed is a super cool site with a huge amount of free images. Now they’re going become even bigger by building a community around photography. Read this!

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