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Weekly 9/2018

February 26, 2018

This week: Wireless charging, advice for novice designers, and checking git repos for secrets and keys.

Our weekly collection design and development resources for hackathon hackers is once again filled with some must reads and good-to-knows.

💻 Treats for developers

A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers

An introduction to key concepts, algorithms, and theoretical frameworks in machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning, statistical learning theory, probabilistic graphical models and approximate inference.

Check git repos for secrets and keys

Tool for easily finding repositories with secrets and keys. Wakeup call for the people out there not using .gitignore etc.

Exploring ES2018 and ES2019

Free resource that covers ECMAScript 2018 and ECMAScript 2019.

[Animated SVG Avatar](

Take a look at this codepen, hot damn that is some cool login screen animation.

3D iMacs

Pure CSS parallax effect. Simple and nice.

Learn CSS Variables in 5 minutes

If you’re unfamiliar with CSS variables, this handy guide should got you covered.

🍬 Candy for designers

Handlebars in UI Design

What are handlebars? It might be that you’ve seen them in some apps already but have not really payed any attention to them

6 Bad UI Design Examples & Common Errors of UI Designers

Six things to avoid when designing UIs that error-free, easy to use and understand, and effective.

The 9 Rules of Design Research

Design does not exist in a vacuum. Therefore, understanding the users is more important anything else when designing purposeful products, and that’s where design research comes into play.

A practical guide to design visioning

First part of three part series around design visioning. Understand how setting a shared vision for a project leads to better results.

Practical look at how to transform from a novice to a well-payed product designer.

❤️ Hackathons and Something Else

A Dyson engineer explains why the company spent $71 million and four years developing a high-tech hair dryer

Why design something that is already pretty well functioning? Read why Dyson spent 71 million dollars on developing a high-tech hair dryer.


Wired article on the latest breakthrough in wireless charging: lasers.

How does wireless charging work?

Although charging with lasers is not yet here, wireless charging by other means is. Here’s a pretty detailed look at how to this now-soon-to-be-in-every-phone technology actually works.

You Make Or Break Your Life Between 5–7 AM

Mornings are important. Read why.

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