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Weekly 1/2020

February 12, 2020

Weekly collection of links, resources and updates about my life, the company I’m building and my investments as well.

Interesting tech stuff

18-year-old FrontPage website
This site is still being maintained after 18 years, and it’s made with FrontPage

Running React Native inside iOS notification
There’s surprisingly lot of memory available for notifications, as often you have problems running RN in

Native image lazy-loading is now part of HTML standard

iOS guy is butthurt about React Native
Wondering if React Native stole this guys girlfriend or something. Let’s solve problems and stop complaining about other’s technology choices.

Eye caching design

Nice looking cards and headers
I like how clean this is. Maybe I can take inspiration for Nyxo.

The white space in this mockup is pleasing
Going to implement a similar type of statistics view for Nyxo soon.

Make those cool Neumorphism shadows easily

Personal insights

Third investment apartment
I’ve been calling the bank a lot this week to be able to purchase my third investment apartment. It’s a lot of work to buy an apartment from another city without ever having seen it in person. Another thing that might be making this harder is that I’m going to only use bank’s money to purchase it, and I’m going to sign the papers myself but will instead ask my dad to do instead of me. But hey, why do it the easy way when you can do it the hard way!

Nyxo – wish there was more time to fix everything
I am finding it hard to balance everything atm. The current pilot we are running is taking a significant chunk of our time. This week I also introduced a new Kanban based project management and daily updates, which has improved communication a little. At least I now have a better idea of what everyone is working on; hopefully, others do too.

Last week we made quite a lot of progress on all of the products. This week has been a tad slower, mainly due to some of the complex bugs that have surfaced on the mobile app. Hopefully, next week is more productive, and we can get some new features out and grow the user count.

We need to start making more sales.

I also interviewed two candidates for React / React Native developer position. Both were promising. Hopefully, we can soon fill the position.

Bye Apple, hello McDonald’s
I decided to sell 25% of my holdings in Apple, and invest that and extra in McDonald’s. The main reason for selling Apple was that in a short time it had become the largest single stock in my portfolio. Why McDonald’s, then? 1) They’ve been increasing their dividend every year, 2) I need more US companies in my portfolio, and 3) I believe that they will soon start catching up to other fast-food chains on providing non-meat based products.

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