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Weekly 10/2020

May 15, 2020

Weekly collection of links and resources I’ve come across this week. Also other stuff

In this weekly:

SQL Police Department, Design for wearables, rickrolled by AI, Defunctland, and single line Javascript utilities.


SQL Police Department
Learn SQL by solving cases

Awk in 20 Minutes
Awk is a small programming language that you can use for example to do log parsing on servers. It can of course other things with as well.

Single line JavaScript utilities

The 10-min React Native Wallet Animation
Fresh from the oven. Willian Candillon builds the wallet animation from Meng To’s tweet

How to get more views to your tech blog (Twitter)

PI-HOLE 5 is here
Now that everyone’s streaming, maybe you should get rid of the ads on you smart tv as well? You can do that with Pi-hole


How to create Rainbow links
Could also go into tech and coding category, but this goes for designer’s doing CSS.

Design for Wearables 101
Glanceability, KISS, less interactions, minimalism, avoid interruptions


Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever
This is the year companies realized that office space is overrated.

Food delivery business doesn’t boom during corona
Everyone’s home, but that doesn’t mean food delivery business is doing good.


Never Gonna Give You Up, but an AI attempts to continuously generate more of the song
Warning: you’re going to get rickrolled by an AI.

Defunctland: The Failure of Euro Disneyland
You should watch Defunctland, it is really good.

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