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Weekly 2/2020

February 19, 2020

Weekly collection of links, resources and updates about my life, the company I’m building and my investments as well.

Interesting tech stuff

Father of cut-copy-paste, has died at

What 8 years of side projects has taught me

Optimizing React Native APK size
The one about persisting the app was completely new.

When to use useMemo
Improving React Native performance with memoized function calls.

4 performance optimization tips for React Native you’re probably not familiar with

Eye caching design & design in general

Health Care Dashboard Design by Masudur Rahman

Creating Fitness Application: UX/UI Design Case Study
The content block analysis is interesting.

Designing accessible color systems How Stripe designed its color system with accessibility in mind.

How To Measure Your UX Design Skills?
Everyone can be UX designer, but how do you if you’re great at it?

Mobile App - BikeMap by Outcrowd
I like the card stack effect

Startups, startups, startups

Startup pitch decks
Who doesn’t like reading how wework renamed real estate business as high tech business.

How you should think about progress
Is your product’s scope allowed to change when building an MVP? Should it change? The answer is yes, but scope should only change if it brings more value.

Poem about Silicon Valley assembled from Quora questions
Why are successful entrepreneurs stereotypically jerks?
Which Silicon Valley company has the best intern perks?
What looks easy until you actually try it?
How did your excretions change under a full Soylent diet?

Personal insights

Two new blog posts
I released two new blog posts this week. One is the transcript of my talk at React Day Berlin last December, which I actually wrote already a month ago, but didn’t have time to review. There’s just something about listening yourself talk and noticing all the tiny mistakes. Using Youtube’s auto subtitles (and the export feature) really helped in making this transcript.

Second I wrote a small article about fixing a common warning you get when you nest a virtualized list inside a ScrollView in React Native. I made a test post about it last week and from Google alone that article brought 5% increase in visitors. Seems that I’m not the only one with this problem.

What’s up Nyxo?
I’ve been building an improved subscription view so buying the coaching should get easier in the future. Also I’m planning on a major rewrite of the way we store sleep data. Our teams has also been working on bringing the coaching material freely available on We are hopefully releasing this feature on friday.

Also, I’m hoping to open source the mobile app in three months, blog post about this coming soon.

Compounding drama
I’ve recently noticed that everyone but me seems to be living that high-drama life that gets a lot of likes and retweets. What is more interesting is that engaging in drama works like compound interest. Posting one good tweet about how you grew up poor will possibly net you a decent amount of followers who will in the future engage with your future content and net you more followers. Similar thing happens with quality content, but the requires one to invest more time in creating that.

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