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Weekly 4/2020

March 05, 2020

Weekly collection of links and resources I’ve come across this week. Also some updates about my life, the company I’m building and my investments as well.


Things to build with AWS Lambdas
Twitter thread about what to build with Lambdas.

How a 2 person startup already uses 28 other tools
It takes surprisingly many tools to run a two person Saas-startup.

A half-hour to learn Rust
Learn Rust on your lunch break by reading snippets and their explanations.

Distorted Button Effects with SVG Filters
These are cool, but I’m having hard time coming up with a good design to make use of them. Worth reading to learn more about combing CSS filters with SVg filters.

Styled-components and display name
Add a display name to your components to help identify them


Starting a design system in a start-up
Worth reading when your startup hires its first designers. Not worth your time if you’re three person startup.

Animated PictoGrams for Tokyo Olympics
These are cool as hell.

React Links for Designers
Useful for developers of course as well.

BMW has a new logo
History of the BMW logo. Btw it was never a propeller.

Business, business, business

$75M legal startup Atrium shuts down
Turns out previous success isn’t a predictor of future success even when you’re solving a real problem. The founder of Atrium, Justin Kan, previously founded a company that eventually turned into Twitch. Atrium however was a traditional law firm with VC money, trying to make it easier for founders to avoid bad terms sheet etc.

The Weirdest Shit to Come Out of Silicon Valley in February
The Weirdest Shit to Come Out of Silicon Valley in February

Other stuff

Upcoming: two new blog posts
Currently in the process of finishing the editing on a blog post about “How many founders should a startup have”. In addition to late last night while commuting home I started writing a new post about hiring passionate people. Both should be out in few days.

Having a really tough week Lots of things aren’t going the way I would want them to go. Everything that is happening is pushing me to cancel my weekend plans to sort out problems, which is a shame as I was looking forward doing something else this weekend than working. Quite sure I haven’t had a free weekend in 7 months. But I might still just say “fuck it” and not work at all during the weekend, which would be quite radical. Let’s see. Life spent overworked is pretty meaningless life after all.

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