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Weekly 8/2020

April 29, 2020

Weekly collection of links and resources I’ve come across this week. Also some updates about my life, the company I’m building and my investments as well.

In this weekly:

Why perfect UX is impossible, you’re charging your macbook from the wrong side, all your hashtags belong to Disney, and machine learning libraries for JavaScript.


Perfect UX is impossible
There’s no perfect UX

How to make a variable width progress bar in Figma

Mobile Layouts & Grids


TLDR; If your MacBook Pro runs hot or shows a high % CPU for the kernel task, try charging on the right and not on the left.

Cheat Sheets
Collection of sheets for different tools

A directory of the best serverless functions for JAMstack applications

6 machine learning libraries for Javascript
There’s more than just TensorFlow.js.

Gatsby, Netlify and Amplify Part 2: Amplify Authentication
Kayla wrote a great instruction on how to enable authentication with Amplify on your Gatsby site.


Work Less, Get More Done: Analytics For Maximizing Productivity
Patrick McKenzie’s blog is goldmine of good writings. This one about productivity measures is long but well written.

Disney claiming that using their hashtag makes your tweets their property

Finnadvance completes 550k€ seed round
Finnish biotech company snatches half million. I know these guys. They’re cool.

Other Stuff

I always when I can put my own links into these weeklies. So here’s the two things I’ve written recently:

🚀 Product Ideas: Democratizing Relaxing Content With ASMR
On Sunday I had an idea about a “Spotify of ASMR”, and then ended up writing an analysis on how one could build that. Forgot to mention in the article that I have never used ASMR, because I don’t experience the sensation produced by it.

The 6 Things You Need for Good Sleep
Wrote this thing yesterday when I was feeling unproductive. It’s collection of the key things I’ve learned about sleep.

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