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Weekly 9/2020

May 05, 2020

Weekly collection of links and resources I’ve come across this week. Also other stuff

In this weekly:

How to identify a Disney princess, don’t call yourself a programmer and other career advice, Kurt Vonnegut on shape of stories, and cross-cultural design


Cross-Cultural Design
Mainly about fonts and type settings, but definitely worth reading

Create screenshots for your App Store page
It feels like I’ve posted this before (or perhaps it was a similar tool). Nevertheless this one is pretty great tool to add to app makes catalogue.


AuthSession (Expo)
Expo recently released AuthSession API, which makes working with Oauth in React Native (and RN-web) a lot easier.

How To Identify A Disney Princess
With Regex.

Cool little component that mimics the sticky functionality of Facebook stories.

Speculating on Animal Crossing Turnip Market
Can we come up with a good strategy to sell our turnips?


How to sell a B2B product
“In enterprise software, customers pay for software based upon the value that software provides, not the cost to deliver or build that software.”

Lyft lays off 17% of workforce, furloughs hundreds more
Sign of times


Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice
“This post aspires to be README.txt for your career as a young engineer.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Shape of Stories
You should read Vonnegut, but before you do that take a look at this video.

“My kid wrote a song called, ‘I Wonder What’s Inside your Butthole’ Quite honestly, it slaps.” – Twitter


I’m recording a React Native Radio podcast today about Rapid Prototyping With React Native. Let’s see how that goes

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