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Who is Perttu Lähteenlahti?

Here's a little backstory of the person your website you're viewing: I'm a developer & designer. Currently, I'm doing that in a company I started called Nyxo, our main product is a mobile app providing personalized sleep coaching. This is my third company so far and the first one that can be considered to be a startup. The two previous ones were software consultancies.

In addition to these three companies, I've worked in a variety of different companies and projects. Before Nyxo I worked as a product lead at the University of Helsinki, in commercializing sleep research. Before that I was an analyst at Nordea, a big Nordic bank, building investment solutions for SMEs.

However, before all this I also paid my way through university by fixing iPhones, working as a research assistant. I've studied both cognitive science and computer science at the University of Helsinki. I was a decent student, but even better at studying fast. I did five years worth of studies in two years before the working life got to me. For that reason, I'm still considered a student as I've never finished my master's thesis.

Originally I was born in Pori, a small town on the west coast of Finland. My family was poor, my mom being a welder and my father being a carpenter. Partly due to my father's occupation I have worked as a carpenter myself as well, for five years. Four of those years I spent working for my father, in his company, which eventually went bankrupt and bankrupted both of my parent's as well.

Coming from a poor family, I have worked my hardest to become as financially independent as possible. This has partly been the catalyst for my interest in investing and building companies. I am by no means rich, but throughout the years I've accumulated enough wealth to buy apartments for both my parent's and little sister, as well as pursue my dreams of University education.

This information should give you a good view of what has shaped my world view. What it does not necessarily state is what my writings tend to be about, so I'm going to end this about section by mentioning those. Most of my writings can be found from this blog, but I've also written for:Muzli,DailyJS,codeburst, and Hackernoon. I like talking and writing about:
  • Technology
  • Programming (currently that means React and React Native mostly)
  • Design, of UIs and products
  • Diversity, especially in technology
  • Innovation (the fact that I've competed in over 70 different innovation challenges provides me with a unique view on this)
  • Building companies
You can reach me through email, [first name] and from LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition to this blog, I also have separate one focusing on programming and a side project one focusing on React Native development.
Perttu Lähteenlahti