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Some of the things I've written. Throughout the years, I've written about cognitive science, software development, design, and about unrelated things. I periodically revisit the articles I written and am very much open to all type of feedback to improve both my writing, but mainly my thinking. I hope you find something interesting here.

How to Get The Old Slack UI Back

How to switch back to the old Slack desktop UI on Mac and say goodbye (at least temporarily) to the current UX catastrophe.

Designing for Healthier Life

Four approaches to designing digital services that persuade your user to live a healthier life

App Store Release Checklist

Checklist for publishing React Native app to Apple App store successfully.

Crosstalk in Stereoscopic Displays - Why 3D Movies Look Weird

Remember 3D TVs? Remember how the TV manufacturers tried to ship the idea of wearing goggles at home while watching TV, so you could experience that Avatar-style novelty from the comfort of your own couch? Although the idea 3D television is pretty much dead now, and everyone is more focused on the possibilities of AR and VR, I would not call 3D a dead technology yet. After all, cinemas are still pushing 3D movies and if we eventually crack the method for building glassless 3D televisions we could maybe even see the second coming of 3D at home. 3D has just been forgotten, a faith it has endured once before as well.